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If you live in the Northeast U.S., we may also be available to come measure the amount of electrosmog and dirty electricity in your environment.


What is 5G?


Sample Letter/Phone Call to U.S. Senators and Local Elected Officials re: 5G

Randolph, MA 5G Sample Ordinance

NIH National Toxicology Program Cell Phone Radiofrequency Carcinogenicity Radiation Study

Jonathan Mirin's "All I Really Need to Know About EMF I Learned After My Wife Got Sick: A Brief History of Electrosmog", The Technoskeptic

"Be Careful What You Wish For: 5G and the Hilltowns": humorous essay by Jonathan Mirin

"Earth's Song" music video

Documentaries, Books and Performance

Resonance: Beings of Frequency - U.K. documentary available on youtube, great introduction to EMF science and history

Take Back Your Power: Multi-award winning documentary on "smart meters"

Full Signal: Multi-award winning documentary on cell towers; read Omar Baddar's reflections on the film in the Huffington Post

Wellness in the Digital Age (a book formerly titled "Wireless Radiation Rescue") by Kerry Crofton

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, Renowned New York City Physician, Talks About Health Risks from Electromagnetic Fields, 26 minute video

Piti Theatre's Innocenzo: a new play with music for all ages inspired by Godeliève Richard's experience of becoming electro-hypersensitive


Paul Dart, MD on Wireless Health Effects: video of his presentation to the Oregon State Legislature House Committee on Health Care. 2014 a synthesis of 1800 independent studies grouped by category, including: Alzheimer's disease and breast cancer, immune function, neurology and behavior, childhood leukemia, etc.

The Marin Project: 600 studies in list format

Erica Mallery-Blythe, MD, 15 Minute Video Presentation (one of the best 15 minute introductions we have seen)

Babies and Children

Wi-fi in Schools: Are We Playing it Safe with Our Kids? California Medical Association pdf download

The Baby Safe Project

Martha Herbert, MD, PhD: Letter to Los Angeles Unified School District re: WiFi

Open letter from Dr. Magda Havas to Parents, Teachers and School Boards (includes links to other organizations working on this issue)

Letters from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Calming Behavior in Children with Autism and ADHD

Teacher's Unions and Wi-Fi

Professor Johansson on Wi-Fi in Schools

Wi-Fi in Schools: Australia

Cell Towers

Questions and Answers

Expert Studies

Download an article about health effects

Award-winning science journalist Blake Levitt's site

Cell Tower Fires and Collapsing Towers study by Dr. David Stupin, retired physicist, Los Alamos National Lab

Bees and Wildlife

Summary of Effects on Wildlife

Bees, Birds and Mankind: Destroying Nature by Electrosmog, Dr. Ulrich Warnke

Bees Disappearing in India

Study: "Disturbing Honeybees Behavior with Electromagnetic Waves", Dr. Daniel Favre

Study: "Mobile-phone induced honeybee worker piping" Dr. Daviel Favre

Piti Theatre's To Bee or Not to Bee (focuses on pesticide use and monoculture but includes a "wireless moment.") Using our "Bee Week" and "Bee Friendly Town" initiatives is a gentle, fun, nature-celebrating way of introducing electromagnetic hygiene to your community.

Testimonials, Essays & Interviews

Piti Theatre's Godeliève Richard in Swiss Magazine Femina

Jonathan Mirin's "An Open Letter to President Obama on the Eve of his Farewell Address" published in Spirit of Change magazine

Dr. Thomas M. Rau, Director of the Paracelsus Clinic, Switzerland


Pending 2017 bills supportive of public health

House Docket 2454 : An Act relative to best management practices for wireless in schools

Senate Docket 1881: Right to Know Cell Phone Labeling

Senate Docket 344: An Act relative to utilities, smart meters, and ratepayer's rights. Presenter: Senator Michael O'Moore. National Grid is piloting the utility "smart" grid in Worcester, MA installing wireless meters on residences and businesses that emit microwave radiation 24/7 without informed consent. If the pilot succeeds, "smart  "utility meters will be installed throughout Massachusetts. This bill would give Massachusetts citizens the choice of keeping or re-installing mechanical analog meters that do not emit electromagnetic radiation. There would be no fee to choose the analog meter.

Senate Docket 1462: Resolve creating a special commission to examine the health impacts of electromagnetic fields. Presenter: Senator Karen Spilka

This bill aims to form a commission to examine the biological and psychological effects of wireless radiation and excessive screen time.The bill indicates that commission members have no financial ties to the telecommunications, technology or energy industries and members are to examine non-industry funded peer reviewed scientific studies in their analysis.

SD.2053: An Act relative to the safe use of hand-held devices by children (right to know labeling)

Representative Stephen Kulik, District Office: 413-977-3580

Senator Adam Hinds,, 617-722-1625

Our 40 Senators are:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  barbara.l';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Halt MA Smart Meters site

In-Flight Wi-fi

Summary of Risks: Susan D. Foster, MSW