Letter to Charlemont Selectboard re: Mass Broadband Institute “Emergency” Router

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May 7, 2023

Dear Charlemont Selectboard,

We understand that you have likely never heard of this issue but it turns out that at the beginning of the pandemic, Mass Broadband Institute decided to use some funds to install commercial grade routers in a number of rural towns around the state as an emergency internet access measure. Charlemont was one of those towns and the router remains mounted on the school.

While this could appear like a bonus for Charlemont, unfortunately the Federal Communications Commission was found guilty in 2021 by a Federal Court of not reviewing the more than 11,000 pages of scientific evidence linking wireless exposure to health impacts like attention and behavior issues, neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, sleep disturbance and cellular oxidative stress. Given that children are considered more vulnerable with their thinner skulls and developing nervous systems  American Pediatric Association has recommended reducing their wireless exposure (their letters are enclosed). Samples of relevant peer reviewed studies are available at ehtrust.org and mdsafetech.org.

Now that the state of emergency is over and the community has internet access in the parking lot of Hawlemont Regional School through the Hawlemont Guest network, we request that you send a letter to the Mass Broadband Institute saying “thanks but no thanks”, in other words to please remove these additional two layers of microwave radiation impacting students and visitors to the school and the playground every day. We say two layers because there are two antennas in the MBI router which shows up as “Whip City” and “Whip City 5G” on the network of your laptop.

We are parents, teachers and residents from around the area whose children come to Hawlemont to play baseball, go to school and enjoy this wonderful town. Let’s play it safe with our kids, save energy and remove this redundant source of microwave radiation. Thank you for your consideration.


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